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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw 

Presented by The Online Stage 

In the Greek legend, a sculptor, Pygmalion, created a statue of a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with it. Later the goddess Aphrodite responded to his earnest prayers and brought the statue, named Galatea, to life. Shaw's Pygmalion is a fussy unmarried professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins, who claims that he could train an uneducated person off the street to speak so that he or she could pass as a member of the aristocracy. His Galatea is Eliza Doolittle, who sells flowers at Covent Garden and whose father is a dissipated but cunning vagrant. Higgins finds Eliza a surprisingly apt pupil, but with her new found skill in elocution comes a streak of independence, which threatens to upset the complacent harmony of his domestic life. Like many of Shaw's plays, Pygmalion includes a preface, as well as an afterword in which Shaw relates the further history of Eliza as she learns how to incorporate her training by Higgins into her new lifestyle. 


  • Narrator: Grace Garrett 
  • Eliza Dolittle: Arielle Lipshaw  
  • Henry Higgins: Jeff Moon  
  • Colonel Pickering: Denis Daly 
  • Clara Eynsford-Hill: Amanda Friday 
  • Mrs. Eynsford-Hill and Mrs Pearce: Sara Morsey  
  • Bystander and Mrs. Higgins: Sarah Mitchell  
  • Sarcastic Bystander and Alfred Dolittle: Alan Weyman  
  • Parlour-Maid: Sarah Bacaller  
  • Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Mark Crowle-Groves 
  • Audio edited by Denis Daly
Public Domain (P)2018 The Online Stage

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