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Power Meditation "The Big Day"

Relaxation, Promotion of Concentration and Reflection on a Great Task
Spieldauer: 38 Min.

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I'm facing it: The exam, the presentation, the important game, the decisive date. I did everything I could to prepare myself with all my strength. Now it's all about getting my performance and my strategy right. How do I focus and relax most effectively before? How can I gather inside and prepare myself for the challenging events of everyday life? SyncSouls has developed "Power Meditation - the big day". This is a unique combination of Zen meditation followed by a short relaxation against stage fright and examination stress, which is available in two versions:

  • A power meditation: according to the ZEN method with exercises of autogenic training afterwards,
  • A power meditation: according to the ZEN method with exercises of progressive muscle relaxation afterwards.

Both versions are available in a long form (approx. 15 minutes) for comprehensive relaxation and in a short form (3 minutes) for rapid recharging shortly before your task. Depending on which method suits you best, you can use these frequencies to be prepared for the decisive moments of life!

Meditation is a deep immersion in oneself. The aim is a holistic state of relaxation that leads deep inside. Meditation influences our brain waves: during meditation more alpha waves (typical for an awake and relaxed state) and delta waves (typical for sleep) are to be measured. In addition, more endorphins are released, which trigger feelings of happiness and reduce sensitivity to pain. The entire metabolism slows down and breathing becomes regular and deep. Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are proven relaxation techniques that positively influence the vegetative nervous system (pulse, blood pressure and heart activity come to rest) and strengthen the psyche (reduction of stress and anxiety, development of inner calmness).

This combination of meditation and practice helps you to gather and recharge all your strength, reflection and clarity before your big task, in order to be able to set them free in a targeted way. You can also use this power meditation during a preparation phase, the learning phase or in everyday life if you think that you are losing concentration.

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