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    An unforgettable fantasy retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that is romantic, funny, and more relevant than ever. “A charming retelling” (Locus Magazine) 

    Elizabeth Bennet is hiding a forbidden power. She can speak to draca, the fire-breathing creatures kept as status symbols by English gentry. But Mr. Darcy has noticed, and he has his own dark secret.   

    When Elizabeth’s sister falls deathly ill, the cure lies in the mysteries of draca. Elizabeth, aided by her brilliant sister Mary, defies restrictive English society to hunt for lost draca lore. She must hurry. England’s war with France has drawn other dangerous hunters.   

    Elizabeth’s search leads her to the fabulous Pemberley estate, home of the entitled and infuriating man whose proposal she scorned. There, Elizabeth’s worlds smash together — protocol against passion, and exultation against the risk of love.   

    But the stakes are greater than her sister’s life. Elizabeth must test herself against a distant war.   

    And her enemy is not who she thought.   

    “Thrilling, superbly paced, and moving. I highly recommend this novel to fans of Jane Austen, as well as to anyone who has ever pondered the mystery of dragons.” (Katherine Sturtevant, author of At the Sign of the Star) 

    “A historical romance that encompasses the Napoleonic Wars, arcane marriage laws, and women with the power to command the fiercest, most dangerous, and wisest of beasts” (Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, author of All That Was Asked) 

    Miss Bennet’s Dragon is a stand-alone audiobook that begins a trilogy of Jane Austen Fantasy.  

    ©2021 M. Verant (P)2021 M. Verant

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