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    Retribution. Reformation. Two sides of a revolution, both vying for my allegiance. Well, I pick neither side.

    I'm an Earth Fae Royal bound to four Midnight Fae. My powers are growing stronger every day, and I'm tired of being a pawn in a war I don't understand. Now that I know all the players involved and the risks at stake, I'm ready to ascend.

    No more tricks.

    No more lies. 

    No more deadly secrets. 

    My name is Aflora. Your future queen of the Midnight Fae. And I'm done playing your games. 

    Welcome to the new reign, boys. I make the rules here. And I will not bow.  

    Author's note: This is the conclusion to the dark paranormal "why choose" Midnight Fae Academy trilogy. It's strongly recommended that these books be listened to in order.

    ©2020 Lexi C. Foss (P)2021 Lexi C. Foss

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