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    Do you suffer from high blood pressure? This audio book can help you to lower and regulate your blood pressure. With 3 specific exercises from recognised deep relaxation techniques used in clinics (e.g. in rehabilitation after a heart attack) you will come to calmness and serenity, your pulse calms down. This procedure has a lowering effect on your blood pressure.

    High blood pressure, hypertension, has become a widespread disease, especially in industrialized countries. Of course, high blood pressure should always be subject to regular personal and medical checks and should be well-medicated. In addition to drug therapy, however, it is extremely important to lead a health-conscious life and reduce stress in one's everyday life. With these exercises for lowering and regulating blood pressure with elements from autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation, SyncSouls provides a valuable and effective module for treating high blood pressure in everyday life.

    The following exercises have a positive regulating and relaxing effect on your hypertension:

    1. autogenic training with deep-relaxing affirmations to lower blood pressure,
    2. imaginary journey with three exercises from progressive muscle relaxation to harmonize and stabilize blood pressure fluctuations,
    3. meditation rest for lowering blood pressure regulation.

    Why don't you give it a try? The success should gradually adjust itself (for beginners approx. after 1 week with daily application).

    ©2018 Syncsouls (P)2018 Syncsouls

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