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    You are charmed up inside, you often feel restless, anxious or you have a quick temper? With this AudioPille from SyncSouls you can find back to calm and serenity in those moments. To combat Your anxiety a unique combination of ingredients (several relaxation techniques & sounds) is used. Breath relaxed again and get new fresh energy.
    Give yourself a treat! Listen to an AudioPille from SyncSouls. The SyncSouls AudioPille is an acoustic pharmaceutical or remedy being completely free from chemical substances. It takes effect the natural way: namely through yourself!
    Listening to this AudioPille causes a positive change of your subjective feeling - and so leads to an objectively measurable change of your mental and physical capacity. The aim is to guide you into a deep relaxation, to relieve complaints and stress, to break blockages, to promote health, to make you more happy and balanced. Depending on the area of operations and symptoms several active ingredients are combined individually for achieving the optimum effect and healing process.

    But what is the SyncSouls AudioPille "anxiety relief" made of? What active ingredients are contained? Simply described on the following patient information leaflet:
    • 25% self calming techniques with relaxing autogenic training;
    • 25% dreamlike imagination;
    • 10% highly efficient affirmations;
    • 10% breathing technique;
    • 25% regenerating relaxation music in 432 Herz;
    • and 5% healing nature sounds.

    The treatment takes about 25 minutes of your time. Daily applicable up to 3 times - but please not while driving a vehicle. We wish you great success and a wonderful feast for the ears.
    ©2015 Syncsouls (P)2015 Syncsouls

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