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    “How do I make my user stories smaller?”
    “What is the right size for a user story?”
    “What is the difference between an Epic and a Story? And where do Tasks and Sub-Tasks fit in?”
    “Who writes user stories?”
    “Why user stories?”
    "Do I have to use user stories?" 

    Allan Kelly found himself answering these questions, and similar ones, again and again so...he sat down to write the answers and this book was born. 

    In this book Allan discusses the role of user stories: they are not requirements, they are tokens for work to be done and a placeholder for a conversation. He gives his two golden rules: stories must be small and they must be beneficial to the business - further he describes what beneficial is, how to put a value on a story, and how to maximize the return on investment. 

    He gives particular attention to the difference between requirements and specification and how these ideas line up with user stories and acceptance criteria. Along the way he takes epics, tasks, definition of done, backlog structuring, acceptance tests, and much else. 

    In short, it's a little audiobook about user stories and all that goes with them.

    ©2017 Allan Kelly (P)2019 Allan Kelly

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