Tina Tirrell

Tina Tirrell

Oh, gosh. Where do I start? A writer never really likes writing about herself. Well, not unless you're that kind of writer. Then again, isn't a writer of erotica labeled "that kind of writer??" I guess that's me... It's a pleasure to meet you. ;) I love to write stories. I always have; I always will. Some of them are dirty little stories. They help me express myself: those things that I've done, the ones that I'd love to do, and even the things I swear I'd never, ever do... but some of you do. There's a big, wide world of experiences out there. Some of the most interesting ones are erotic experiences. Believe me, I know all the possibilities. I've been learning from my older sister for years. She seduces the camera and all her viewing fans like I woo with words. It's about time that I put all that pent up sexual energy to good use! I'm a bit shy... you'd never tell from my writing. I like to just hide behind all my fantasies, let my mind wander to the most deviant corners, and share all my naughty written adventures with you. And, one thing that makes me stand out from a lot of writers: I'm not afraid of the taboo. I'm an avid reader, and when I write, I get as creative, deep, and real as my imagination is... and that's limitless. So, come join me, if you dare. ;) These titles I have to share with you are only the beginning. Think you know what to expect from "erotica," we'll see about that. ;) Keep in touch with me and my writing at www.TinaTirrell.com and on Twitter: @TinaTirrell. And I love hearing from my fans; you can email me directly at ArdourPress.com.

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