Marilynn Hughes

Marilynn Hughes

Marilynn Hughes has three children and has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism since 1987 and has appeared on innumerable radio and television programs to discuss her thousands of out-of-body experiences and has been included in 'The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World' in 2009. Marilynn founded 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation' ( in 2003 and has written over 50 books and 30 magazines on Out-of-Body Travel and Comparative Religious Mysticism. These books, along with accompanying music and art - things heard and seen in out-of-body experiences - are all available for FREE DOWNLOAD or they can be purchased in print. Marilynn is the former Catholic Feature Writer for's Online Encyclopedia. (The Joan Rivers Show [with Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, George Ritchie and George Anderson], CBS, New York, NY - Good Afternoon Colorado - KUSA, Denver, CO - Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Worldwide - Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Worldwide - BBS International Radio UFO's and the Paranormal with Preston Dennett, Worldwide - Marilynn was the object of a Scientific University Study on Out-of-Body Travel and discussed her findings at with the scientists involved on Radio, Journey into the Light with Michael Long, BlogTalkRadio, WorldWide - WTLK Talk of the Town, Atlanta, GA - KABC Radio, Los Angeles, CA - Overnight with Rick Barber, KOA Radio, Nationwide - Lovelife, KOGU Radio, Honolulu, HI - WKDR Morning Show, Burlington, VT - Dan Williams Show, WHYN Radio, Springfield, MA - Charlie Tuna Show, KMPC Radio, Los Angeles, CA - Kurt Vanderrat Show, WDWF Radio, Champaigne, IL - The Truth About Life with Stephen Hawley Martin on WEBTALKRADIO.NET. She's received rave reviews from fine publications including Body, Mind and Spirit, Australian Parapsychology Review, Leading Edge Review, and the Columbus Dispatch. Speaking to crowded and eager audiences, Marilynn has lectured at many bookstores including the Universal Light Expo, Columbus, OH, Barnes & Noble, Cincinnati, OH, Books & Co., Dayton, OH, The Borders, Columbus, OH, Galaxy 10, Dayton, OH, First Church of Religious Science, Dayton, OH)
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