Kelli Ann Morgan

Kelli Ann Morgan

KELLI ANN MORGAN recognized a passion for writing at a very young age and since that time has devoted herself to creativity of all sorts. Being a wife and mother are two of her most important and favorite roles, while being a writer is in her blood. She also moonlights as a Creative Designer - creating covers and more for other authors- and works as a photographer, jewelry designer, painter, and motivational speaker. Kelli Ann graduated Summa Cum Laude with her degree in Business and is the owner of Inspire Creative Services. She is a long-time member of the Romance Writers of America and was president of her local chapter in 2009. Her love of and talent for writing have opened many doors for her and she continues to look for new and exciting opportunities and calls to adventure. She has been asked many times why she writes western historical romance novels and the answer is simple--she loves romance, shirtless and chivalrous cowboys, horses, and the Old West. Love stories carry throughout the ages and she feels that it is important that when her readers curl up with a good romance novel that he or she is transported through to another place and time and when the ride is over, they feel uplifted, satisfied, and ready for the next adventure. Her novels are on the sensual side of PG--without the graphic love scenes. Great romance novels are those that make you feel a spectrum of emotion, those that leave you wanting more and it is her hope that everytime you crack open one of her romance stories, that you walk away inspired, uplifted, and with a love of true romance. Kelli Ann loves to hear from her readers. Visit her at

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    • Deardon Mini-Series, Book 1
    • Autor: Kelli Ann Morgan
    • Sprecher: Troy Duran
    • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 47 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2013
    • 4 out of 5 stars 1 Bewertung

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  • Regulärer Preis: 25,95 €

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