J.T. Williams

J.T. Williams

USA TODAY BESTSELLING author J.T. Williams writes both epic fantasy, inspired by the likes of Tolkien, Salvatore, and Brooks, along with darker sword and sorcery, fueled by countless hours playing Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, and many other fantasy RPG/ MMORPGs. When he isn't writing, he wages war in his backyard with his children having make-believe battles against the orcs invading from next door. He is married and has five little orc slayers. As a longtime lover of fantasy and the surreal, he hopes you enjoy his contributions to the world of fantasy and magic. Series timelines, maps, and additional contact information can be found here: www.authorjtwilliams.com ***Suggested Reading Order for The Dwemhar World*** (All books listed are part of a shared world) **Stormborn Saga** (completed series) Book 1: Stormborn (Guardian of the Seas #1) Book 2: Mage Soul (Guardian of the Seas #2) Book 3: Elf Bane (Guardian of the Seas #3) Book 4: Ranger's Fury (Ranger Trilogy #1) Book 5: Black Moon (Ranger Trilogy #2) Book 6: Aieclo (Ranger Trilogy #3) Book 7: Epochs (Clockmaster's Shroud #1) Book 8: Shards of Etha (Clockmaster's Shroud #2) Book 9: Shadow Cry (Clockmaster's Shroud #3) Book 10: The Dark Compass (The Lost Captain #1) Book 11: Eye of Storms (The Lost Captain #2) Book 12: Heir of The Sea Captains (The Lost Captain #3) Book 13: Cataclysm Book 14: Ascension **Half-Elf Chronicles** (completed series) Book 1: Half-Bloods Rising Book 2: Seer of Lost Sands Book 3: Shadow of the Orc Star Book 4: Necromancer's Curse Book 5: Wrath of the Half-Elves Book 6: The Last Dwemhar **Shadow Elf Chronicles** Book 1: Of Shadows and Blood Book 2: Trials of Eschal Book 3: COMING SOON! **Rogues of Magic** (completed series) Book 1: Winemaker of the North Book 2: Rogues of the North Book 3: Reckoning of the North **Lost Tales of the Realms** (connected stories that can be read at any time) Ranger's Folly -available for free- A Stranger's Quest Wizard Trials The Dwarven Guardian The Thief's Sin

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