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    The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata meets epic fantasy! 

    Valrin was born of the sea. Raised by his adopted elven aunt on a small fishing island, he knows nothing of his past and wonders of his future...until the unexpected arrival of a mysterious ship changes everything.

    Joining a misfit crew running from a dangerous dwarven empire, Valrin learns quickly what it means to be Stormborn. In this epic three-book set, you will meet the strangest of the strange. From men forbidden to die to cannibalistic shadow elves and a dwarven necromancer.

    Embark upon the cold, dark Glacial Seas and unlock the power of an ancient lost race. Embrace this epic fantasy adventure and discover that, sometimes, the most dangerous enemy can be your own dark desires.

    ©2017 J.T. Williams (P)2020 Jeremy Williams

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