Ina Morata

Ina Morata

I am an author of erotica, erotic romance, and other tales of love, lust and emotion, and write in contemporary, historical and paranormal genres. I'm a bibliophillic, hopeless romantic with a fascination for mythology. Matters of the heart play a big part in my erotica and erotic romance, as do psychological, emotional and physical boundaries. My work contains steamy, emotive and sometimes dark themes, and includes dominance in real and virtual situations, spanking, bondage, voyeurism, and a whole number of other delicious, erotic themes. My stories don’t always have happy ever after endings, but they’re always erotic in their own distinct ways. I’d love to hear from you! You’re very welcome to connect with me on any of the following social media: Twitter @InaMorataWriter Facebook Author Page ( Pinterest ( Instagram ( I'd love it if you follow me on Bookbub. You'll get to hear about my pre-orders and new releases immediately. If you're on Bookbub, just search for Ina Morata and click the follow button. You can read regular postings of sexy short stories, flash fiction and serialised work, along with all my other erotic musings on my website. Just visit Happy reading! Ina x
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