Byron Cane

Byron Cane

My name is Cane, Byron Cane, but you may call me Sir. If that’s not pretentious enough, my blog handle is Lurv Spanking, because, as a reader once said, ‘who doesn’t lurv spanking?’ I write short stories, flash fiction, poetry and essays at my blog called Spank me hard… Please? which can be enjoyed at My spanking short stories are primarily written from a submissive female perspective while the longer novellas and novels expand upon the dominant role whether male or female. The lead submissive characters are strong and capable. At the same time they project vulnerability and struggle with the acceptance of discipline from others. Some of my fiction includes sex but not all. I try to write with this motto in mind. Capturing the conflict and defiance within every true submissive: the need to be chastised and loved at the same time. I’ve been told I write ‘quirky’, I’ll leave that up to the reader to decide. My settings are drawn in broad strokes rather than sharp details and historical places are not exacting. I use extensive dialogue to move the story forward and use minimal internal introspection and physical descriptions. I try to showcase the emotions of the characters during discipline and sex scenes instead of focusing on every single erotic detail. I want my characters to be empowered by sex and discipline not degraded. A lifelong reader, I tend towards science fiction, alternate history, fantasy, paranormal and Regency romance.
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