Wicked Witches of the Midwest

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I Dream of Twila Inhaltsangabe

Twila Winchester isn't used to being in charge, but that's exactly where she finds herself when her sisters leave town for a business convention.

Twila thinks everything is going to be fun and games even though she has one daughter, two nieces, and one mischievous aunt to contend with. She's focused on cooking and having a good time...until a roving troupe of renaissance performers make camp on the Winchester property and trouble starts brewing.

When the head of the group starts making predictions - and, unfortunately, gets left behind - Twila has her hands full. It seems Aunt Tillie doesn't trust the new guest and she's determined to turn the three younger Winchesters into investigative dynamos.

Twila is working on a limited timetable. She must solve a mystery involving some missing items, open her home to a stranger, and crack down on Aunt Tillie's "lying" classes as her aunt attempts to teach Bay, Clove, and Thistle how to manipulate everyone in their paths.

Oh, and she has to do it all before Marnie and Winnie return to town.

No pressure, though.

Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest world. It is set back in time so it can be listened to at any point in the timeline.

©2017 Amanda M. Lee (P)2017 Amanda M. Lee
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