Westward Wanted

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Mail Order Bride Inhaltsangabe

Carrie Grinnell put all her hopes and her few possessions in a carpet bag and boarded a train heading West. She had found a husband through an advertisement for a mail order bride. Carrie gets off the train anxious to meet her intended Mr. Bowen, a cattle rancher, but he is nowhere to be found. In his stead is a cowboy sent to fetch her.

That cowboy is the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. What happens next is completely unforeseen. Mr. Bowen is not the man he claims to be. When her hopes for the future begin to unravel, it becomes clear that life has other plans for Carrie and the cowboy.

©2013 Crystal Anne Tilden (P)2013 Crystal Anne Tilden
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    The Cowboy, the Bride and the Buckboard Titelbild
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    Lassoed Mail Order Bride Titelbild
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