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Ticonderoga the Series: Season 1, Vol. 1 Inhaltsangabe

CRT's hit feature Ticonderoga is now a new series! The series picks up where the feature left off, with Captain Taylor, his son Adam, Mohawk scout Dagadawidah, and Captain Campbell of the 42nd Highlanders remaining at the fort with a small contingent while the main army has moved on to Crown Point, poised to follow the French into Canada.

Joining our original characters are Mrs. Caswell, proprietor of the new tavern, her son Micajah, tavern maid Gertie, as well as Colonel Jeremy Martin, Serjeant Rook, and Private Ian Haywood. Lots of musket-blasting action and adventure await you in Season 1, Vol. 1 of Ticonderoga - The Series.

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