The Vintage Tearoom

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The Vintage Tea Room Inhaltsangabe

When Ellie decides to sell the tea room, she didn’t bank on her twin daughters showing up with ideas of their own.  

Ellie has been running the tea room for more than 20 years. Her daughters have both left home - Jessica is married and expecting her first child, and Marie has built a successful career. She is ready for change and to leave the past behind; however, her daughters are not. They still want the security of having their family home as a base to return to and yet seem reluctant to help with the day-to-day tasks of running the business.  

To complicate matters further, Ellie meets Michael. She was not looking to meet a man, but life occasionally throws in a few surprises. Maybe now is the right time to change more than just her work.  

Set in the beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester, the first audiobook in the Vintage Tea Room series is a story of a mother ready to move on and forge a new future for herself and of her daughters who are not yet ready to let go of their past.  

If you enjoy hearing about contemporary women finding their own way in life, you will love this story of a family coming to terms with both endings and beginnings.

©2015 Lily Wells (P)2018 Lily Wells
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