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    Marie has a decision to make - take the job in Copenhagen and move away from her family or give up on her dream of being at the top of the advertising industry. 

    When Marie arrives back in Cirencester for her mother's wedding she can't wait to share the news of her new job with her twin sister, Jessica. To Marie’s surprise Jessica is less than enthusiastic and gives her reason to wonder if now is the right time for such a move. 

    Marie does not want to burden her mum with news of her job or the reason she is having second thoughts. She confides in Adam, the temporary chef at the tea room. Despite being unsympathetic he may have the solution to her problem. 

    The third book in the Vintage Tea Room series is a story of an ambitious young woman who wants to both progress in her career and remain close to her family.

    ©2018 Lily Wells (P)2018 Lily Wells

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