The Scars of Youth

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There is no love like first love. 

When Jessica Fowler starts her senior year at a Swiss boarding school, the last thing she expects to do is fall for a lowly sophomore. But that's exactly what she does. Kyle Andersen is sweet and cute, and Jessica is inexplicably drawn to him. However, he is so much younger that she fights the attraction for weeks. 

When Kyle and Jessica finally kiss, there's no question they are meant to be together. 

But things get complicated because Kyle's best friend, Jenn, is in love with him. Then, while on break, both Kyle and Jessica have encounters with their exes that put everything they've built in jeopardy. And what about Jessica's impending graduation, after which she'll be leaving for college in the US? 

Can Jessica and Kyle's love survive the growing pains and scars of youth, or has true love come too early to last? 

Scars of Youth is the emotional first book in a unique series about the power of first love and second chances. 

If you like tender romances full of emotion, love, and heartbreak then you'll love this heartfelt and moving tale of two teens who find true love together, and the scars that their youth carves into their hearts. 

©2016 Shane Morales (P)2017 Shane Morales
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