The Prodigals

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Earth is dying. Its resources are contaminated. Plagues have decimated the population to a mere two million - a population number not seen on Earth for 50,000 years. With time running out, Earth sends probes to find suitable planets to move its population to before their impending extinction. Project Arcturus is born. An advance party is sent to the distant world of Arcturus to eliminate the current population. The force does not expect the Post Iron-Age civilization to be any threat at all. Arcturus peace reigns. The upcoming harvest festival and sacrifice is their foremost issue. As the Arcturians become aware of the impending invasion, they turn to the One that provides all their guidance. Thanks to a decision thousands of years ago, God still walks among them. Earth's plans for an easy conquering of the planet are wrong. Very wrong.

©2014 Robert P. Wills (P)2015 Robert P. Wills
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