The New World

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Zombies: Survival Inhaltsangabe

Zombies: Survival - an action & adventure series that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Zombies: Survival: The New World, Book 1 is a look into the lives of Tom Boyd and his sister, Kelly Boyd, and their escape from the zombie outbreak in St. Charles County, MO. The Boyds make the choice to travel to their farm in Rolla, MO, in an attempt to survive being consumed by zombies. Along their travels the Boyd family meets uncertainty around every corner. Their lives will never be the same now that the zombies are overrunning their communities and the world. New friendships are formed as the Boyds' paths meet others in their quest to survive. Will the Boyds' plan to survive work in the new world? Or is their journey one that leads to a horrific death?

The books in The New World series are novellas or episodic adventures similar to a series on your favorite TV show.

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