The Immortalis Series

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Immortalis Inhaltsangabe

An ancient prophecy is beginning to unfold. For one man, there is no escaping what he must face.  

Raif Harrison, former commander of the Star Chasers on Avalon, finds his life and everything he thought he knew changes the instant an enigmatic stranger arrives with knowledge about Raif and his true origins.  

Raif is set on a path that will bring him face-to-face with an age-old evil that is rising and the secret sect that has sworn to stop the prophecy, no matter what the cost.  

With time running out, Raif must fight an unimaginable horror that threatens his family, the woman he loves, homeworld, and beyond.  

The war has begun...but who will survive it?  

A fast-paced, plot-driven audiobook filled with corruption, betrayal, and the perfect mix of sci-fi and horror that will grip you to its climactic end. 

©2017 Gary Howell (P)2018 Kindle direct publishing
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