The Almack's Chronicles

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The Duel of Love Inhaltsangabe

“Have you ever heard a story about a woman marrying for love?”  

Lady Vivian Ravenswood has the future determined for her - a wealthy husband, a place in high society, a coterie of exclusive friends - and none of it suits her. Could she pick her own destiny, Vivian would choose adventure in the rolling hills, endless afternoons in the dusty garden, and a husband who speaks to her heart; no matter what his income might be.  

One magical evening at Almack’s - London’s most exclusive club - Lady Vivian runs into the dashing Lieutenant Sawyer Cook and discovers her future is not so set in stone. Romance ensues, scandals are wrought, and true identities are revealed. Trapped between duty and longing, Lady Vivian must come to grips with the very notion of fate.  

Lady Vivian is a clean and wholesome regency-era romance novel. It makes the first volume of the Almack's series. Each title of the series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or listened to as a collective.

©2018 Agnes Forest (P)2018 Agnes Forest
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