Terror on Every Side!

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Early Days Inhaltsangabe

Chapter One - My Birthday

"It was on my 17th birthday that I first heard - or felt - God's voice. In those days, we seemed to have a happy extended family in Anathoth and I was welcome in it. Times are different now...."

From a family of priests in the peaceful reign of good King Josiah, came a young man Jeremiah, bringing words from God to his people. It was no message for the fainthearted, either. It was a message of Terror on Every Side!

A young king and a young prophet. What could they do together for the people of Israel? Could the disaster be averted?

Published by BibleTales.online, this audiobook is the first of five volumes leading you through the exciting life of Jeremiah, a prophet in ancient Israel, who delivered warnings of imminent terror for his nation - and lived to see them come true.

©2016 Mark Morgan (P)2016 Mark Morgan
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