Sometimes You Need To Laugh

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Sometimes You Need to Laugh - Volume II Inhaltsangabe

The title really says it: Sometimes You Need to Laugh II. This is a collection of jokes and stories assembled from 37 years of getting jokes told to me or encountering them on the internet. It is ideal for salesmen, public speakers, masters of ceremonies, or just breaking the ice. Many of these jokes and stories have sexual innuendo, and they are not politically correct. There is over 13 1/2 hours of jokes and funny stories to entertain you. You will love some of them. This is the second book like this. I have opened it up so that people can submit jokes and have their name in print. Due to the nature of the jokes sometimes it is only the first name and the initial of the last name.

With a constant stream of jokes, this may be a self-perpetuating series.

©2014 Henry Michael Dudek (P)2014 Henry Michael Dudek
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