Serge Storms

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Floridian Serge A. Storms is a quirky, amusing psychopath with a strong sense of justice that allows him, Dexter-style, to knock off the bad guys. 

Join Serge A. Storms—Florida trivia and folklore expert, dedicated blogger, and likeable serial killer—as he soaks up the sun, visits tourist sites, chases hurricanes, and hunts for prey. Storms exposes society’s absurdities and only kills those who need to be killed (in his opinion). While following Storms’s off-kilter adventures and trail of dead bodies, you’ll learn about his past connection to a suitcase full of cash, his recurring friendship with a cokehead, his fascination with Al Capone, and his ongoing “professional” rivalry with Agent Mahoney, a determined law officer. From Tampa to Disneyworld to Miami Beach, this twisted series keeps up with Storms as he rampages across Florida enforcing his own moral code against low-life criminals.

Fan-favorite Oliver Wyman is the voice inside Serge Storms’s head. A full-cast production isn’t necessary when this narrator is at the helm; he’s seamless in his delivery as he highlights subtle nuances in each character. Dorsey’s series is known for its wacky humor, and Wyman delivers it with verve. Listeners describe Wyman’s narration as “dynamic.” Prolific narrator George Wilson performs earlier installment in the series.

Born in Indiana, Tim Dorsey moved to Florida at the age of one and has never left. He was a reporter and editor for the Tampa Tribune before he settled on a life of writing quirky crime fiction.

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