Road to Redemption

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King's Gambit Inhaltsangabe

Old crimes never wash away....

I can never make up for the things I did while deep in the gang life. It doesn’t matter how much I've changed. Rory will never see past it.

Things burn hot between us, but he's far too good for a bad guy like me. 

I don't date, and Rory is the kind of guy that deserves more than one night. But for him, I might be ready to change my rules. If he can ever accept my past. 

I'm done with falling for bad boys....

I've got a simple plan: bartend at King's Gambit until I have enough cash to start my own yoga studio. I'm not supposed to fall for King in the process.


I'm over bad boys, and ex-gangster King is badder than most, but I can't resist.

When trouble at the bar threatens what we're building together, I will stand by King through thick and thin. But he's not the only one haunted by his past.

All this time, he’s been worried he'll bring me down. But I could be the pawn that brings down the king. 

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