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    Can this bad boy live happily ever after?

    King is the bad boy who stole my heart. It’s his, and I don’t want it back. All I want is to put the past behind us, so we can build a life together in Chicago.

    Then King’s brother turns up on our doorstep, threatening to pull King back into the gangster world he’s turned his back on. If his brother succeeds, it could destroy everything we’ve worked so hard for, and I’m not going down without a fight....

    Will my demons destroy us or set us free?

    I can’t ignore my past anymore. Not if I ever want a chance at redemption and a life with Rory. But it means bringing down my own brother and in the process becoming someone I vowed never to be again. Someone who Rory wouldn’t recognize.

    But if I don’t? Neither of us may live to tell the story....

    ©2021 Special Fiction Books (P)2021 Special Fiction Books

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