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Tesser: A Dragon Among Us Inhaltsangabe

Number-one Amazon and Audible best-selling novel

Tesser, the dragon of life itself, is one of seven: Earth’s primordial draconic guardians, destined to oversee its development and safety. 

Species rose and fell, and one day, 10,000 years ago...Tesser disappeared. 

The golden dragon woke up this morning, buried deep beneath the city of Boston, with no idea how he got there, and no idea how humanity grew so fast and learned so much while he was away. He is lost; a fish out of water, with no contact with his brothers and sister, or any idea of what threatens his home. Where are the faeries? Where are the Minotaur and unicorns? Where are the selkies and all the creatures he fostered, and loved? 

Where is the magic? 

He’s got a lot of catching up to do if he’s going to find his missing sister Kaula, and stop an incursion of daemons from beyond the Veil. 

Learning English from watching Kevin Smith movies at a coffee shop is probably not his best first step, but not all heroes get handed a cape. 

Welcome to The Reemergence. 

"Vibrant storytelling, with an unusual protagonist...." (Georgina Parfitt,

Book Two: Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death
Book Three: Fyelrath & the Coven’s Curse
Book Four: Tesser: A Father Enraged
Book Five: Zeud & the Prophets of Atomic Fire

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