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    Welcome to the third novel in the Reemergence series. 

    Baby Astrid and the magic that she is grows older, and around her all things ancient awaken, changing the modern world - and not always for the better. 

    Abe Fellows - recent graduate of Quantico and newly minted agent of Tapper - is sent to London to investigate a series of bizarre mutations that seem to have been infected by an arcane virus. All creatures great and small flee the waters of the Eastern Atlantic, fleeing panicked and mindless to escape an unknown threat that comes from an unknown place and time, and Fyelrath brooks no assault on her domain. 

    The dragon of water joins Abraham in his hunt for answers as threats emerge from the city as well as the deep. It's only a matter of time before the eldritch threat rises up from its slumber and consumes Earth.

    ©2017 Christopher Philbrook (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

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