Omega's Under Siege

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Omega's Under Siege Inhaltsangabe

From book 1: We used to be in love...and to be honest, I still am. 

Seeing Teddy again takes my breath away. He wants us to be friends. Well...I want whatever he wants, whatever he needs. I’m not sure that he can want an alpha like me again - too much history between us, too much time since I broke his heart. 

But when he takes me to bed, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a second chance for us. And when he falls pregnant with my kid? It makes me the happiest alpha in the world. 

Yet, I can't help but be worried. Duty is bound to call again. Could I really leave the love of my life a second time? 

His Secret Crush is an mpreg romance and the first audio book in the Omegas Under Siege series. Enjoy the entire series in this audiobook bundle! 

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