New Zealand Ever After

4 Titel in dieser Serie
5 out of 5 stars 24 Bewertungen

New Zealand Ever After Inhaltsangabe

Escape to New Zealand once again with the new series from best-selling author Rosalind James. Hours of funny, heartwarming, heart-pounding, steam-inducing entertainment, starting with combat of both the military and the more metaphorical sort and ending with an escape from a religious cult, with plenty of stops along the way. Meet a rich ex-model home from Afghanistan minus a leg, Debbie the Boy Duck, a retired rugby player with a yurt and a strong desire not to be a hero, a four-year-old who is convinced that she can lay an egg if she just tries hard enough, and a whole lot more. Includes book one, Kiwi Rules; book two, Stone Cold Kiwi; and book three, Kiwi Strong. If you enjoyed these stories, preorder book four, Kiwi Gold, coming February 2022.

©2019, 2020 Rosalind James (P)2021 Rosalind James
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