Junkyard Druid Novellas

7 Titel in dieser Serie
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Junkyard Druid Books 1-4: An Urban Fantasy Box Set Inhaltsangabe

Get four fast-paced druid urban fantasy novels in a boxed set featuring magic, mystery, Celtic mythology, and non-stop paranormal action!

Meet Colin Mccool.

Reluctant druid, and sole apprentice of the last living master druid on Earth. Heir to Fionn MacCumhaill’s legacy. Hunted and feared by the Fae, and cursed with Cú Chulainn’s ríastrad. All he wants is to live in his junkyard in peace...but the gods have other plans for the young druid apprentice!

Junkyard Druid - Book 1

When a reluctant druid gets blackmailed into working for an evil faery queen, he'll walk through fire to complete one last job - come hell or high magic!

Graveyard Druid - Book 2

When the local vampire coven hires him to stop an undead outbreak at the city graveyard, it sounds like money in the bank to everyone’s favorite down on his luck druid, Colin McCool. But when you’re cursed by an ancient Fae sorceress with a score to settle, nothing is ever as it seems...

Moonlight Druid - Book 3

When a Fae child goes missing, Colin is hired to bring him back. Now he has to crack the case, all while learning to control his shifter abilities under the watchful eye of the local werewolf alpha. But with half the pack against him and enemies at every turn, will his next misstep be his last?

Underground Druid - Book 4

Colin is hellbent on bringing vengeance to the doorstep of the Fae. To do so, he’ll have to complete an impossible task to earn passage into the mystical realm of Underhill. Will he outwit the Fae and survive this deadly undertaking? Or, will he be trapped in Underhill...forever? 

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