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Easter Rising: A History from Beginning to End Inhaltsangabe

In the midst of World War I, the Easter Rising took place in Dublin and throughout Ireland in April 1916. The revolutionary movement faced many problems from the beginning, including splintered leadership, disorganized support, opposition from moderate supporters of home rule, and prepared retaliation from the British. 

Inside you will hear about....

  • Background of the Easter Rebellion
  • Planning the Easter Rising
  • The Easter Rising begins
  • The Easter Rising, days two and three
  • The Easter Rising, days four and five, and the Easter Rising across Ireland
  • The Easter Rising comes to an end on Saturday
  • Aftermath of the Easter Rising

Even though the rebels did not achieve their ultimate goal of Irish independence, they were successful, because they rallied many more of their countrymen to the cause of independence. The legacy of their bravery and love of country inspired generations of Irish men and women, and helped lead to independence. This is the story of what led to the uprising, the events of the rising, and its impact.

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