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    Discover the remarkable life of Brian Boru....

    Ireland is a country steeped in history, myth, and legend. During ancient times a long line of kings reined over this fairytale land, and one of those kings was a man named Brian Boru. Ruling the Emerald Isle from 1002 to 1014, Brian’s tenure is indeed so immersed in mythology that it is sometimes hard to glean the fact from the fiction. But Brian Boru himself was not the product of a fanciful tale - he did indeed exist in the flesh. His body is buried at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh where countless admirers of his life still come to visit. 

    In 2014, as a testament to his enduring character, at the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf and Brian Boru’s ultimate demise, thousands made their way to the site of the former fray to pay homage. This book seeks to flesh out every detail of his character and his experiences as they transpired.

    Discover a plethora of topics such as:

    • Ireland in the Viking Age
    • Early Life in Kincora
    • Rise to Power
    • The High King of Ireland
    • The Battle of Clontarf
    • Death and Burial
    • And much more!

    So if you want a concise and informative book on Brian Boru, simply buy now for instant access!

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