Heroes of the Undead

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The Culling Inhaltsangabe

After living through the hatred and insanity of 2020, renowned geneticist, Daniel Magnus has decided that humanity has reached its peak as a species. It’s time to tear down and start again. And what better way to eradicate humanity than by unleashing the monsters inside each of us?

Destroying mankind is simple compared to perfecting a new version of mankind. Just as evil resides within all of us, the hero does as well. It’s just much harder to bring out. The Chosen are those few who survive the process. They become greater in every regard. The other 98 percent however, become the stuff of nightmares. Wickedly cunning and ferociously strong, they are insatiable demons that make the average zombie look like it's made of sticks and string.

Into this cataclysm Bryce Carter is thrown wearing nothing but a hospital gown.  He dared to defy Magnus, who felt injecting him with the serum just wasn’t punishment enough. Barefoot and bleeding, Bryce has to fight his way out of a city overrun with zombies.

Led by the demons, the dead sweep across the streets like a grey river, forcing him to crawl through sewers and down into the dark tunnels beneath the blood-soaked streets. He’s hounded relentlessly and growing desperate as he only has so much time. Nuclear weapons are being readied and soon the city will be nothing but dust and ash.

©2020 Peter Meredith (P)2021 Peter Meredith
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