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Thankful for My Family Inhaltsangabe

For the first time in his life, 24-year-old Stuart Jones wants to get serious about his lady. Now that Tiffany and her daughter, Angel, live with him, Stuart thinks that maybe it's time to pop the question. After all, at the mature age of 30, Tiffany is ready to settle down.

There's just one small hurdle. Stuart must first introduce Tiffany to his family - his whole family, who just happens to have rented a house in South Carolina for a family reunion over Thanksgiving.

So, after making a quick stop in North Carolina to leave Angel with her father, Stuart and Tiffany head south to the insanity that awaits them.

With a drunk uncle, a grandmother with a gambling problem, a sanctimonious aunt, and a bisexual cousin ready to burst from the closet, Stuart and Tiffany must contend with plenty of opinions about their relationship while figuring out what love and family really mean.

An uproarious, laugh-out-loud story that will resonate with anyone who comes from a sprawling, messy, and lovable clan, Thankful for My Family celebrates the ties that bind us - even ones we wish we could break sometimes.

©2016 Shelton Johnson (P)2016 Shelton Johnson
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