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    When the whole family gets together, events are bound to get messy. For the first time in years, Stuart's family of three is headed to California for the holidays, and the frustrating yet hilarious challenges just keep piling on.

    Merry with My Family, part two of the Family Comedy Trilogy, is the entertaining follow-up to Thankful for My Family. Stuart has been married to Tiffany for five years now, and though they have their issues, he is full of unconditional love for his family. Last time it was his outrageous relatives they had to deal with, and now they're headed on a trip to visit Tiffany's family for Christmas. His stepdaughter, Angel, has grown into a rebellious teenager. Tiffany's parents are divorced but still living together, and their tendency to say exactly what they're thinking leads to some dramatic arguments. Add in a reckless grandfather and a prickly sister, and Stuart finds himself in a house full of chaos.

    Torn between love and frustration, Stuart must find a way to work through marital problems while making the best of the holiday season. This comical tale shows just how ridiculous family can get, and yet how lost we'd be without them.

    ©2016 Shelton Johnson (P)2016 Shelton Johnson

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