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2010: The truck's occupants, newlyweds Paul and Vanessa Duncan are at full alert; they're on the lookout for other vehicles. "There's a car coming," said Vanessa, the dread in her voice palpable. "I see it, Sweetie." Paul downshifted; he glanced at the dashboard to confirm the truck was still in four-wheel-high-gear. Like a wolf prowling its territory, a black limo filled with men whose stares conveyed evil crept from the darkness into the dim light of the street crossing. As the vehicle passed, the driver's side window lowered, and the newlyweds saw the malevolence in the driver's dark piercing eyes. He looked first at Paul, and then Vanessa. When the limo's brake lights brighten, Paul instantly knew they were in danger. "Hang on," he yelled and stomped the gas. Before the limousine could fully stop, Paul's truck had leapt through the intersection. "Oh, Paul…," she cried. "What're we going to do?" Her eyes wide with fear, Vanessa looked to him for reassurance. "Just hang on, Sweetie. It'll be okay - I promise." With his words, Vanessa belted in, clutched the handle above the door, squeezed her eyes shut, and began to pray…

©2011 J.W. Throgmorton (P)2013 J.W. Throgmorton
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