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Under a Tell Tale Sky Inhaltsangabe

A massive solar flare. A devastating global blackout. Amid the pandemonium, a ship loaded with fuel faces the ultimate threat: mutiny. 

The desperate captain will do anything to maintain order while he races to get his precious cargo to the safety of homeport, but time is running out. On land, in cities without power, violence rules the streets as society crumbles into chaos. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has its own dark scheme for the ship’s load. As events spiral out of control while the vessel steams toward home, a tsunami of danger and treachery threatens the captain and crew’s very survival. 

But the real journey is just beginning.... 

Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction. If you love A.G. Riddle, Hugh Howey, and Justin Cronin, this breakneck-paced adventure is for you.    

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©2015 R.E. McDermott (P)2016 R.E. McDermott
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