Daughters of Olympus

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Their Siren Inhaltsangabe

Getting lost at sea wasn't exactly how I planned to spend my 21st birthday. One second I was standing on the shore, wondering if I'll ever learn the truth about my parents, and the next I'm caught in a whirlpool, drowning.   

Someone - or something - is out to get me. But who? And why?   

An elite sailing team saved my life, but these irresistible men seem to think I called them here. They say I'm a Siren. Their Siren.   

My glittering green legs could make a believer out of anyone, but I'm not a creature from the sea. I'm Harlow, a pink-haired girl with a penchant for iced coffees, who dreams of one day feeling comfortable in her own skin.   

Turns out there's a whole lot about me I never knew, and these men are here to help me figure it out.   

I wanted to become more badass this year.... I'd say growing a tail qualifies.   

Dear listener,  

This paranormal romance isn't just about a fish out of water. Four men have staked their claim on Harlow...and she's going to relish in their devotion from head to toe...err, tail.  

But don't worry, it's not just about the steamy scenes - prepare yourself to dive into some murky waters, because this Siren is getting ready for the fight of her life!  

xo, C & A   

This is a reverse-harem romance with a very high heat level.

©2017 Frankie Love (P)2018 Audible, Inc.
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