Bad Boy Billionaire Boss Romance

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Bad Boy Romance Collection, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Love dominant alpha heroes, intricate, suspenseful plots, and a major dose of induced passion with your romance? Get pulled into a world of fierce alpha males who will stop at nothing to claim and protect their woman. The stand-alone romances in the Bad Boy Romance series will keep you listening into the night with stories so hot, they'll melt your speakers. This starter set includes standalone books 1-7.

Book 1 - Tempted

This man is everything your mom warned you about.

But talk about sexy - he's a living, breathing, chiseled god.

At a glance, he could have any woman in the room.



I should be afraid of him. I should keep my distance.

So why is he the only one who makes me feel safe?

Book 2 - Knockout

My next big mistake has a name...Sonny McCain.

Heart of stone. Spartan abs. Hulking. Loud.

Totally not my type.

But when our worlds collide, I see something behind all the fire and smoke....

In his eyes, a mysterious, tortured soul, fighting his own daemons. Everything about this man draws me closer..

My defenses are falling, crashing down.

Yes, I let him take me for the night. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Book 3 - The Baby Contract

I have what she wants, and she can give me what I heir.

But when the contract is fulfilled, will I be able to let her go?

She thinks I'm not her type, but I'm about to prove her wrong.

Book 4 - Serendipity

Notorious Playboy.

Heir to a business empire.

...And my new boss.

I see the glint in his eyes when he stares at me.

And that makes looking at him, let alone working for him, a battle.

The chemistry is undeniable.

He knows it. So, do I.

But with my heart at stake, and I fear I'll succumb to this rock-hard man.

Book 5 - Dirty Desires

I'll do anything to keep what's mine, she's mine.

I wanted a girl to keep me company at night. 

©2020 Hayley Hicks (P)2020 Hayley Hicks
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