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    This man is everything your mom warned you about.

    But talk about sexy - he’s a living, breathing, chiseled god. 

    At a glance, he could have any woman in the room.



    He’s the perfect businessman, but a terrible love interest.

    I should be afraid of him. I should keep my distance.

    So why is he the only one who makes me feel safe?

    He locks me with his stare and for the first time in my life, I want to make the wrong decision. 

    Why, with all the women here tonight, does he want me?

    I didn’t wait to find out.

    He’s insatiable...I’m starving. A virgin....

    I thought I’d spend one night with him.

    I couldn't have guessed how much he really wanted.

    ©2019 Hicks Hayley (P)2020 700 Media

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