Adam Dalgliesh

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 Scotland Yard commander and poet Adam Dalgliesh is the epitome of a cool British detective in this lauded series.

Adam Dalgliesh is a Scotland Yard commander with the soul of a poet. (He takes some grief from his colleagues over being prouder of his poetry than his police work!) Dalgliesh is a thoughtful, solitary gentleman who works in bustling London and on the wild coast of Norfolk. This presents listeners with an insider’s view of crime solving in two distinct settings - and insights into the mind of a brilliant detective, created by a master of suspense, P. D. James.

These intelligent mysteries are brilliantly presented by three prolific and accomplished narrators: Penelope Dellaporta, who also performs several Agatha Christie mysteries; Charles Keating, British actor and winner of multiple AudioFile Earphones Awards; and Rosalyn Landor, an English-born stage, screen, and voiceover actress named one of AudioFile’s Best Voices of 2010.

Often compared to Agatha Christie, P. D. James excelled at ingeniously plotted murder mysteries with red herrings galore. Before finding her talent as an author, she spent 30 years in various departments of the British Civil Service, including the police and criminal law departments of Great Britain’s Home Office. The recipient of numerous prizes and honors, she was inducted into the International Crime Writing Hall of Fame in 2008.

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    Cover Her Face Titelbild
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    A Mind to Murder Titelbild
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    Unnatural Causes Titelbild
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    Shroud for a Nightingale Titelbild
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    The Black Tower Titelbild
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    Death of an Expert Witness Titelbild
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    A Taste for Death Titelbild
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  • 8. Titel

    Devices and Desires Titelbild
    • Devices and Desires

    • An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery, Book 8
    • Autor: P. D. James
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    Original Sin Titelbild
    • Original Sin

    • Adam Dalgliesh, Book 9
    • Autor: P.D. James
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    Death in Holy Orders Titelbild
    • Death in Holy Orders

    • An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery
    • Autor: P.D. James
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    The Murder Room Titelbild
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    The Lighthouse Titelbild
    • The Lighthouse

    • An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery
    • Autor: P.D. James
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