44 Scotland Street

18 Titel in dieser Serie
4.5 out of 5 stars 152 Bewertungen

44 Scotland Street: Series 1-3 Inhaltsangabe

Alexander McCall Smith's much-loved series of novels is the basis of this full-cast dramatisation about the inhabitants of an Edinburgh tenement building.

Anthropologist Domenica MacDonald observes the lives of her neighbours and the neighbourhood in Edinburgh's New Town. Pat, a new young tenant, arrives at 44 Scotland Street to flat share with Bruce. Bruce is a surveyor with more of an eye for the ladies than a sound property.

We're introduced to five-year-old Bertie, who is controlled by his pretentious and intellectual mother, Irene - he's learning the saxophone, speaks Italian, and is extremely knowledgeable about many subjects. And then there's Matthew, setting up the Something Special Gallery with little knowledge of artists or paintings!

44 Scotland Street began life as a serial in The Scotsman before becoming a best-selling series of novels and now a BBC Radio 4 serial.

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