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Teach Me Everything I Need to Know About Zen in 30 Minutes
Sprecher: Carl Moore
Spieldauer: 40 Min.

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Zen may be the answer you've been searching for!

Zen Buddhism is commonly misunderstood, and this is because people do not understand how Zen is different than Buddhism. It is often seen as a religion when it is not, and this sets people up to misunderstand what Zen can be and how it can be incorporated into your life. Zen can be used in conjunction with other religions, but it is more concerned about the present. Zen is something that is a way of life and healthy habits.

Zen is not meant to answer the philosophical questions that many people struggle with, like other religions. Zen is meant to bring you peace and happiness, as well as self-awareness. This is why people practice Zen Buddhism, and it can leave you both happier and healthier than you were before. It can boost your confidence and center your mind and body. Zen brings a sense of peace that many people have yet to experience.

Seven Reasons to Buy This Book

  • 1. This book will teach you what Zen Buddhism really means and how it is different than Buddhism as a whole.
  • 2. Inside this book you will learn a little bit about how Zen is more of a philosophy than a religion.
  • 3. This book shows you that Zen can be incorporated into everyday life and how it can help you to find peace.
  • 4. Inside this book you will find some of the answers of the most commonly asked questions about Zen and its principles.
  • 5. You'll find out how to start on your journey to living a Zen life in this book, along with tips and techniques.
  • 6. This book shows you how Zen influenced different cultures, such as Japanese culture.
  • 7. Inside this book you will learn the true meaning of the statue of Buddha and how to follow his teachings.
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