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    In recent times the philosophy and practices promoted by the New Thought movement have attracted much attention through the burgeoning of the self-help industry and films such as The Secret. Among New Thought authors, William Walker Atkinson was not only one of the most eminent, but also one of the most prolific.

    Using a number of pseudonyms, he wrote extensively on a wide range of subjects, including yoga, religious history, reincarnation, and, in particular, training of the mind. Although they have been criticized for their lack of academic rigour, his works have enjoyed enduring popularity due to the power of the concepts the author presents, as well as his succinct style of writing. One of his most notable works is the mental training manual, Your Mind and How to Use It, first published in 1911. A new recording of a self-help classic, narrated by Denis Daly.

    Public Domain (P)2014 Denis Daly

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