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Yellowstone Legends

Yellowstone Romance Series, Book 8
Sprecher: Cody Roberts
Serie: Yellowstone Romance, Titel 8
Spieldauer: 14 Std. und 3 Min.

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The future of Yellowstone is in their hands....

Detective Weda is a woman of today: smart, independent, and able to do anything she sets her mind to. Growing up on the Rez, she’s been taught about the traditions of her ancestors, but all she wants is to live in the modern world and escape the dreams that have haunted her since childhood. Just when she thinks she’s broken free from her past by starting a new life in New York, people close to her die and the dreams return....

Wo’itsa has always been content with his role as a hunter of the Tukudeka. A confusing vision reveals images of the past as well as an uncertain future, leaving his ordinary life in turmoil. When a mysterious elder of the Sky People approaches him and offers answers, Wo’itsa is more than eager to help pave the way for generations to come. But something doesn’t seem quite right....

When a woman from the twenty-first century and a hunter from the 1700’s are thrown together in the most unlikely circumstance, there is sure to be mistrust, miscommunication, and mistaken identity. Tensions build when their paths repeatedly intersect as they race through time to secure the future of the sacred mountains in what is to become Yellowstone National Park. What will it take for them to let down their guards and see clearly the true enemy that is determined to keep them apart?

Content warning: This audiobook contains mild language, mild violence, and intimacy between consenting adults. Heat rating 3 out of 5, PG13.

While Yellowstone Legends is a complete romance between the two central characters in this story, this is not a standalone novel. The plot is complex and encompasses the entire Yellowstone Romance Series, tying all of the stories and characters together.

Yellowstone Romance Series (in recommended listening order):

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  • Return to Yellowstone (novella)
  • Yellowstone Christmas (novella)
  • Yellowstone Redemption
  • Yellowstone Reflections (novella)
  • Yellowstone Homecoming (novella)
  • Yellowstone Season of Giving (short story)
  • Yellowstone Awakening
  • Yellowstone Dawn
  • Yellowstone Deception
  • Yellowstone Promise (novella)
  • Yellowstone Origins
  • Yellowstone Legacy
  • Yellowstone Legends

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