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    Only the strongest survive...most of the time...

    Raven may be a shifter, but she's always felt separate from her wolf. She never knew it should be different. Then, a stranger shows up in her hometown, turning her world upside down and recruiting her for the elite Bloodshed Academy.

    Everything she's ever known is challenged, and Raven finds herself in impossible situations. Making matters worse is the fact that one of the strongest alphas at school catches her eye. And he makes her feel things she doesn't understand.

    The school may only recruit the best of the best, the strongest in their world, but there's something more about Raven. When push comes to shove, she has to decide if she's willing to fight for what she's come to love...or run from a life she can't quite accept.

    ©2020 Jen L. Grey (P)2020 Jen L. Grey

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